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Born in the UK and educated in both England and the US, Geraldine Blecker is of dual-nationality.

With a solid background in journalism, music and the performing arts (and several decades in the music business), she moved on to become an active film and TV screenwriter, lyricist, music and script consultant for numerous productions and production houses, specializing in screenplay development and dramaturgy in Europe and the USA (See "Original Works" for an overview of current screenplay projects).

Parallel to these activities and upon relocating to Germany in 1984, she worked as a TV journalist (IHT-TV, RTL, ZDF, Deutsche Bank TV), and as a freelance print journalist for a variety of business, music and film publications. Geraldine has likewise been constantly active as a German-English translator and voice-over artist, but throughout has never ceased being a creative writer.

(See "Original Works" and "References" for a brief overview)

In April 2001, she entered the corporate world, joining the Board of Directors of publicly-traded, Los Angeles based film production company Kings Road Entertainment Inc., producer of more than 28 motion pictures including SLAP SHOT, ALL OF ME, THE BIG EASY, JACKNIFE, CREATOR, and the KICKBOXER franchise, where she served as a Director and CEO until February 2007, leaving the Board of Directors in December 2007. During her tenure she was responsible for administering all aspects of a US publicly traded corporation: management, IR, public filings, film library administration, and was in charge of feature film development and international co-production activities. Ms. Blecker is still a shareholder of this company.

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Although still based predominantly in Germany, in 2012, Ms. Blecker joined the team of Cinevu Films, Inc., a film and TV production company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, as producer and Head of European Affairs.

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Ms. Blecker attended London’s National Film and Television School (focusing on production and media law). She speaks fluent German, can order a beer in French and Spanish, and hurl abuse in a handful of other languages. She is a member of the BAJ (British Association of Journalists) and AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists).

Film Reviews & Journalism

Geraldine is also a Film Critic and Media Reporter, presenting a monthly Magazine Program for FBTV (Frankfurt Business Television), as well as writing film reviews, show biz reports and trade fair/ conference coverage (Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt Music Fair, AFM, EFM, Cannes Festivals, CEBiT, div. financial conferences and summits, etc), for various online publications (WELTEXPRESS - English Section, N:ZONE; CINEMAROLL, NEWSREEL, among many others), together with the international news network  

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In 2006, Geraldine Blecker was signed by the VOX TALENT AGENCY, Los Angeles, for non-exclusive voice-over representation in the US.

Her voice is featured on that agency's website: Vox Talent Agency

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